Hardscapes to Consider for your Residential Property

There are many ways landscaping can benefit your property, from pure look, to property value. However, in terms of real functional value, you cannot get much better than hardscapes. Hardscapes offer functionality you cannot find anywhere else in landscaping, being more than just a pretty piece of greenery. They also can be entirely unique, up to your design-build specifications. Additionally, they’re not negatively impacted by the weather. Your brand new patio will be right out your backdoor whether it is 90 degrees or 30 degrees outside. As you can see, hardscaping offers a wide variety of general benefits. However, we want to break it down into individual projects, to make it easier for you to see why and which hardscape may be right for you.

Retaining Walls

We have all seen our fair share of retaining walls throughout our lives, typically made out of various stone materials. Retaining Walls can actually be made up of a variety of materials, such as: stacked stone, brick, concrete, wood, or even timbers. They also provide many benefits, like preventing flooding if you have a sloped lawn, or marking a property boundary. They balance out the level of your lawn, and even prevent soil erosion. Beyond the functionality, they also look great, and are a great aesthetic piece. Protecting your lawn, and looking great, what is not to love?

Patios and Walkways

Grouping these two hardscapes together, as they are so often paired by our clients, they share many similar characteristics. If you have a gross deck, or concrete slab, an awesome patio could be the outdoor touch you need. We all know they are great for hosting, and we know you have seen a nice patio more than once and thought โ€œI need one of those.โ€ Not only do they look unique and pretty, you get so much design freedom. Similarly, walkways can act as the connectors of your property, making for smooth access all across your landscape. Patios and walkways also require little maintenance, so they are a great long term investment. Donโ€™t tell your neighbors, but they may even raise the value of your home!



If you are looking for a more unique yard aesthetic, boulderscaping may be for you. Beyond the traditional patio or retaining wall, the use of boulders to form a rock garden, or simply a new texture will amaze your visitors. Probably the lowest maintenance hardscape, our team can help strategically place them throughout your yard for the best results. They also come in a range of accents, like blue, bronze and tan.

Stone Bed Edging

Many Pittsburgh area homeowners have large trees and shrubs around their property. One great way to accent such great plant material, is with stone bed edging. Edging the beds of your large trees and shrubs, with mulch right behind it, is a great look. Functionally, it can keep your mulch, rock, or even dirt, organized and clean, and it looks fantastic. Even great for weed prevention, you cannot go wrong.


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