How Often Should You Aerate Your Lawn

It is very common that we reference the importance of working with a full-service landscaping company. This is because you need to have a wide range of services available to you if your landscape is to look great. As we specialize in luxury residential landscapes, only the best is acceptable. Lawn care is a great example, as so many landscaping companies are okay with a “mow and go” approach. While your turf may be cut, will it be healthy? What about the health of your soil and its biology? Well, one lawn care service that you simply cannot overlook is aeration. In this blog, we will go over everything you need to know about aeration and how it can benefit your landscape as well as how often you should aerate your lawn.

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What is Aeration?

Aeration is the process of pulling out pieces of soil called cores, to allow better airflow and nutrient movement. When cold temperatures freeze over your lawn, or it is trampled by the children on a beautiful day, your soil can become compacted. When this happens your turf roots have a tough time getting any nutrients because everything is packed in and clogged up.

Benefits of Aeration

Now that you know what aeration is, you need to know the reasons why it is beneficial to your lawn. As aforementioned, aeration loosens up the soil so that air, water, and other nutrients can better infiltrate the soil. When there is more space for your roots to roam, they are able to better intake fertilizer and seed, which increases their effectiveness. This is also why aeration is so commonly performed in tandem with overseeding right after. Aeration also helps break down thatch, which is dead grass that is matted down at the base of your turf on top of your soil. Thatch can contribute to the same issues as soil compaction, essentially acting as a useless blockage of the nutrients your roots need. An aerated lawn will be greener and healthier, as it enhances the benefit of every other lawn care service.

How Often Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

To answer the title question of this blog, it is best practice to aerate your lawn bi-annually, and annually at the bare minimum. This can be performed in the spring between March and May, and in the fall between August and November. If you want to test whether or not your soil needs aeration, try to stick a screwdriver in your soil. Is it a tough time getting it in? Yeah, you probably need to aerate. Additionally, when you do aerate consider our Dream Greener specialty of double aeration. Rather than just make one pass, our criss-cross technique has been proven to double the benefit and effectiveness.

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