How We Tailor Our Services To Each Individual Client

At Dream Greener it is well known that we specialize in high-end residential properties, imploring our clients to “Dream Greener”, as we truly attempt to create the property of their dreams. For this to happen, we have to give each customer an individualized experience, tailored to the specifics of their property. It is very easy to let properties begin to mesh together, as a company performs the same maintenance tasks on a weekly basis for each one. In order to avoid this, we implement rigorous processes to ensure that our clients are always being treated as partners. Setting ourselves apart from the competition means that we need to be different, and the difference truly is the tailored service, and attention to detail found within our staff, from technicians to management. This is exactly how we tailor our services to each individual client.

Our Consultation Process

While we do focus a great deal on creating less stress for our clients, and truly managing their landscape, we also need to keep the client involved to prioritize their desires. This begins during the initial contact, as for a free consultation, we send out one of our service specialists to take an in-depth look at your landscape, so when we go back to the drawing board, we know what needs to be done. It is for this reason that internal communication is so important to us, as when you convey your wants and needs, there is no reason for it to get lost in translation. This can also be said for landscape installations, as we will work with you the whole way to ensure that your dream is achieved. It is all about you, and your overall goals for your landscape. We are just here to facilitate.

Responsiveness and Transparency

Never should there be a question about your landscape that goes unanswered. Our policy is that all client inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours, and concerns will ideally be alleviated. This will be facilitated by your account manager, who is the dedicated point of contact between you, and our team at Dream Greener. You will always find us accessible, open to sharing any relevant information. Scouring our website you will find all of our practices, assurances, and standards, for you to judge on their merit. Everything from pricing to a gallery of our work quality can be found right on our website. See for yourself the Dream Greener difference, as we treat your property like our own.

Maintenance Standards On Us, Enhancement on You

As much as a property can be tailored to an individual’s preferences, there are still landscape maintenance standards that should be met on every property. We set these standards extremely high, and provide them clearly within our pricing, and calendar. Within our “Greener Grounds Guide”, you can find every service that should be performed in each month to keep your property in optimal health. Speaking of, go check out our blog on all the website resources you have access to. With the maintenance standards published, it is up to you to decide how you want to utilize landscape installations to make your property unique and different. That is when you will see the consultation process, responsiveness, and transparency come together to help you “Dream Greener.”

Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape is led by a staff of service experts, each with ten years or more of professional experience, focused exclusively on lawn care & maintenance, landscaping and snow & ice management. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to serve the greater Pittsburgh area. Give us a call today at (412) 835-1035.

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