Landscape Safety Concerns

When it comes to landscaping the large residential properties that we so often manage, there are many moving parts. With many tasks being performed at once, we are often utilizing large commercial grade equipment to stay efficient. This brings about a whole new level of safety awareness, compared to a local guy with a push mower. Safety is our number one priority, and we want to ensure that our clients, their families, and their pets all remain safe. Additionally, we aim to keep the property itself safe, as well as our own team. For these reasons, we stay extremely vigilant when it comes to landscaping safety, and routinely train our team on best practices. In order to further improve safety, we wanted to educate our potential clients on these landscape safety concerns and best practices, so we can all be safer together.

safe clean cut yard with swing set

Property Preparation

In terms of what you can do to improve safety for everyone involved in your landscaping, prior preparation is key. The most important thing is to keep children and pets indoors. We never want to tell you what to do, but we genuinely care about the well-being of your loved ones, and this is the best way to ensure safety. Additionally, removal of debris and waste is essential, as this can cause problems for equipment, and animal waste is prone to carrying all sorts of bacteria and unwanted insects.

Marking Structures

Another way in which to prepare your property for our arrival is to mark any significant structure in your property. Things like electrical boxes, sewer vents, and irrigation systems can all be hard to spot sometimes. Rather than leave it up to chance, we like to be certain that we are avoiding any property damage or potential safety hazards. If this is something you cannot do on your own, our team can absolutely oblige at your discretion.

Application of Treatments

One of the least safe practices for homeowners is the self-application of treatments, like herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide. The proper application process can sometimes be complex and differ depending on the type of application. If performed improperly, your own safety can be at risk, and so can that of your landscape. You should leave it to the professionals at Dream Greener, where our team has been well trained on all aspects of treatment, ensuring that you stay safe.


Should you choose to perform some landscaping work on your own, there are a few precautions you should take. First and foremost, wearing PPE is a must, like masks and gloves. This will keep your hands safe, which will be the most at-risk part of your body. Wearing headphones is a great way to muffle the loud noise of power tools, and can save your long-term hearing. Additionally, take adequate breaks and wear a hat to avoid heat problems, especially in the summertime. Whatever you do, do not rush and take your time to check every required box.

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safe clean cut yard with swing set

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