Landscaping Experts Reveal Which Neighborhoods have the Best Lawns in Pittsburgh

Best Lawns in Pittsburgh

What makes a truly spectacular lawn? You may think it’s a special blend of fertilizer or spending an evening each week mowing the grass, but a well-tended lawn is a result of a scheduled maintenance programs that keep your property looking its best.

We’re sharing pictures of some of the most beautiful lawns in the South Hills of Pittsburgh that Dream Greener services, including areas like Upper St. Clair, McMurray, and Mt. Lebanon.

  • Mt. Lebanon. – Mt. Lebanon is a popular town with great schools. It’s just 8 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, and so it has a distinctly urban feel and is a “walking” town with many well-tended properties.
  • Upper St. Clair. – Upper St. Clair, a family-oriented township, is located about 10 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. It’s been called one of the top ten best places to live by U.S. News & World Report. It boasts wide open areas and many houses have large swaths of property.
  • McMurray. – McMurray is located in Peters Township and is a bit further from the downtown Pittsburgh area. Many yards in McMurray have well-maintained lawns that are designed with landscaping features such as retaining walls, planting, and water features.

What Do Pittsburgh’s Most Pristine Lawns Have in Common?

  • The Homeowners Use a Reliable Scheduled Mowing Service. Your lawn should be mowed on a schedule to allow for proper growth and health. It’s much easier to keep your turf green and dense if you mow it frequently. The best height for your grass is usually determined by the season, the amount of water your lawn is receiving, and the type of grass that is growing in your yard.
  • The Lawns Are Fertilized Regularly. Fertilizing your lawn is an essential part of proper care, and different times of the year call for various types of fertilizer. For example, the fertilizer that goes on your lawn in the early spring is meant to deliver the nutrients to your grass that may have been leeched out of the soil during the winter. Once summer approaches, the fertilizer blend will change to a form that prepares your grass for a hot summer and is designed to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free.
  • Beds are Mulched and Edged. Mulching not only adds to your property’s curb appeal, it also replenishes the minerals in soil and maintains and retains the correct moisture for your plantings (especially during the summer). Edging keeps your mulch and lawn separated, provides a clean look, and ensures that mulch isn’t spilling out onto your lawn.
  • Owners Invest in Professional Lawn Care. Maintaining your lawn, no matter where you live, can be challenging. Your lawn is, at the minimum, a three-season investment. Plus, work can be done on your yard during all seasons, even winter, including picking up leaves and debris that are laying in your yard. Hiring a company for reliable and predictable scheduled lawn service, including mowing, fertilizing, and mulching and edging will keep your yard beautiful.

Lawn Maintenance Programs for All Pittsburgh Homes

If you’d love for your lawn and property to look just like these images, Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape can help. Our reliable, scheduled comprehensive mowing and lawn maintenance service will save you headaches and backaches while increasing the value of your property. Contact Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape at 412-835-1035 or visit Let us do the work while you enjoy the benefits of a well-tended lawn.

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