Proper Lawn Watering Practices

Without proper watering techniques, your lawn will fail, simple as that. Water is an essential component to any healthy, green lawn, and you need to know how to effectively water your lawn. There are some very easy ways to do it wrong, but some essential pieces of watering that you cannot miss. Your lawn’s roots need the proper amount of water to take hold in your soil. Too little, and you will lack deep roots, too much, and you will have loose soil, and weak roots. There is a happy medium, and our desire is to help you find it. Great landscapes feature great lawns, so get your priorities straight and water your lawn, with proper lawn watering practices.

Pay Attention to your Lawn

As crazy as it may sound, your grass will tell you exactly what it needs with a little observation. A dull green lawn screams lack of water, as well as the behavior of the blades. If they are slow to spring back up, and get easily mashed down under the weight of normal foot traffic, they may need more moisture. With this in mind, keep an eye on your lawn, and obviously brown spots are another easy sign that your lawn needs water. However, using these tips, we hope it does not get to that point.

Proper Lawn Watering Practices

Timing of Watering

One common misconception about “when to water your lawn”, is that all timing is created equal. The best time for watering is early morning, before the sun comes out. We are talking about 6 to 10 a.m. The lack of heat allows for optimal absorption, and prevents loss to evaporation. Winds are also less prevalent, even further preventing loss of water. If you do not have time to water in the morning, or are just lazy, (understandable, who doesn’t love to sleep in?) then attempt to water from 4-6 p.m, allowing blades to dry before it gets too cold. 

Quantity of Water

Many people are often stumped by the amount of water required, and gaging the optimal amount to use. Truth be told, you only need to get the uppermost layers of soil wet, and this usually comes out to an inch to an inch and a half of water per week. Remember, this can be from rainwater or from your own watering. You do not want to overwater your lawn, so be wary of the weather predictions, and adjust your schedule accordingly. 

Alternative Watering Options

If you are just plain tired of watering your lawn by hand, there are better options. You can install a sprinkler system, which can operate on the settings you choose, saving you time. These can be a large initial investment, but may pay off in the long run for larger, more expansive lawns, that require more intensive proper lawn watering practices.

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