Pruning: Healthier More Attractive Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

In many blogs, we discuss the benefits of working with a full-service landscaping company like Dream Greener. This quality gives us unique insight into the cohesive components that create the beautiful landscapes you see in brochures and magazines. Every piece is vital, from mowing to plant installation, to hardscapes. Today the component we will be discussing is your plant material. After installing plant material, such as flowers, shrubs, and trees, it is easy to disregard the maintenance required to keep them happy and healthy. While everyone knows that fertilization and watering are a necessity, pruning is often overlooked. This is the process of removing decayed or unwanted foliage on your plants, to make room for new, healthy growth. There are many benefits to pruning, making your plants healthier, and more attractive to the eye.

before shrub trimming after shrub trimming

Pruning Prevents The Spread of Decay

One of the primary reasons to engage in the pruning of your plant material is to remove areas of the plant that may be diseased or decayed. If left unchecked, the cause of this decay can easily spread to other pieces of the plant, which may eventually lead to the death of the plant material as a whole. When healthy growth replaces the decayed areas, the overall health of your plant material is rejuvenated. Active pruning on a routine basis keeps any decay from ever taking hold, increasing the longevity of your plant, and stimulating long-term health.

Improved Aesthetic Appearance

Damaged branches or foliage can be more than just a detriment to the health of your plant, they can be an eyesore. The goal of achieving a healthy landscape is also to achieve a good-looking landscape that you enjoy spending time within. If your landscape is full of decayed foliage in your plant material, this will create a messy feel. When you prune, you are able to control the aesthetic appearance of the plant, removing foliage that may not look appealing, or contribute to the beauty of the plant. Pruning creates the uniform look that every landscaper is looking for.

Mitigate Potential Safety Risks

When foliage on larger pieces of plant material like trees or shrubs is decayed, it leads to the risk of broken branches falling into your landscape. This becomes especially troublesome during inclement weather, with powerful winds knocking off already weakened branches. Additionally, weak branches that are growing over your home, or powerlines can cause property damage if not properly pruned. If you allow broken, damaged, or decayed branches to hang over your landscape, you run the risk of them falling and damaging property, or even worse, people.

Improved Plant Health

Not only does pruning create denser healthy growth that replaces decay, but you can also remove unhealthy stubs, and prevent the crossing and rubbing of foliage. Undesirable fruiting structures can also be removed, keeping the focus of growth on the foliage you desire.

Performed by Professionals

If your goal is to maximize the benefits of pruning your plant material, you need to work with an experienced landscaper, whose team possesses arborists knowledgeable about native plants. Pruning can be a tall task, and a dangerous one when you think about trees up to 20 feet in height. At Dream Greener, we also perform a thorough clean-up of the leftover debris, leaving your landscape tidier than before. We want to maximize the investment you make in your plant material, and so should you.

Dream-Greener-pruning and trimming

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