Three Area Businesses That Should Consider a Snow Removal Plan

This year, winter has started a little late, but now it’s back with a vengeance. That means that we’ll likely be experiencing a typical Pittsburgh winter, with lots of snow and ice.

If you own a local Pittsburgh business, you should consider a snow and ice removal program. A reliable company can help ensure that your customers will be safe, and that your entrance is accessible, when they drive onto your property and step into your place of business.

Keeping Your Business Customers Safe

Three local business that usually need reliable winter snow removal include:

  • Churches. Unlike traditional businesses that operate on a Monday-Friday schedule, churches are also busy on the weekends. Parishioners and congregants are all ages and may require some additional assistance to walk into a church building. While ramps are part of ADA requirements and are necessary for families with strollers, or those who use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs, they become hazardous in the winter. Snow and ice removal is paramount to keeping attendees and staff safe.
  • Pizza Shops. Winter is a great time for local pizza shops—weekend football games provide plenty of customers, and when it snows, people prefer to order pizza instead of going out. It also means that pizza delivery drivers will be busy during inclement weather. Keeping a shop’s parking lot and walkway entrance clean is important for both drive-up customers and for delivery employees, who will be running in and out of the store for hours while on the job.
  • Banks. Many businesses have employees who must visit a bank daily and often make several deposits each day. Bank customers are in and out of the door, making it important to keep walkways and entrances clear and safe in the winter. Additionally, most banks have walk-up or drive-through ATMs, so the parking lots must be snow- and ice-free.

Reliable Snow Removal Service in Pittsburgh

Whether this winter brings a number of smaller snow events, several large snowstorms, or something in between, a snow and ice maintenance plan will help keep your business’s parking lots, walkways, pathway, and stairs safe and free from snow and ice for you, your customers, and your employees.

Dream Greener offers per visit and per season service options, and we guarantee reliability, responsiveness, and responsibility. We’ll be at your business every time it snows, no matter what this winter brings us. We use commercial snow equipment and are ready to help you the next time the snow falls.

Call us today at 412-835-1035 or use our contact form to schedule a visit.

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