Your Spring Landscape To-Do List

Every landscaper knows, when spring comes around, there’s no shortage of work to be done around every residential property. As the days begin to lengthen, and the temperature rises, all the indicators are there that it’s time to get back into the yard. We all know there are a few basic lawn chores that we must get back on top of in order to ensure our lawn looks lush throughout the upcoming year, but we want to make sure you don’t miss anything. We put together a list of lawn maintenance and landscaping activities that are a must this spring. These tasks will get your lawn prepped and ready for the year ahead. With this spring landscaping to-do list, you can’t go wrong.

Spring Clean Up

Before you do anything else, you are going to want to give yourself a clean slate going forward. Taking care of any debris, leaves or other unsightly rot around your yard is going to allow you the freedom that comes from working in a clean environment. Take care of that compost pile, those scattered leaves and those grass clippings before they look even worse. If you have a garden or garden area, this becomes especially important.

Get to Pruning

When spring rolls around, there’s never a better time to prune your plant material. Right before most plants enter their growth period, pruning early allows you to shape to your pleasure, and get rid of any overhanging or encroaching branches. Pruning can be a difficult task, and different plant material can have different needs, so involving your landscape provider is going to be your best bet.

Fertilize your Lawn

After you have determined your soils needs based on testing, or if you are already aware of its needs, fertilize your lawn. Fertilizer is a key part of a healthy lawn, as it provides the exact nutrients that your grass needs and prevents the growth of weeds. Many homeowners don’t fertilize as they simply do not know enough about the process, so consult your landscape provider as they can help you determine exact specifications.

Aerate Early On

Lawn aeration is the process by which holes in your soil are created to allow in necessary nutrients. The process enhances air flow, and is often used in yards where soil is overly compact. When your soil is compacted, or covered in thatch, nutrients like water and sunlight are prevented from reaching their destination. Aeration is an often overlooked, beneficial process that we cover in another standalone blog, right here.


Last but not least, you need to overseed. In combination with aeration, spreading grass seed over your already existing turf can enhance thinning grass or even bare spots on your lawn. Overseeding your lawn can introduce new and improved seed to your lawn that naturally promotes growth and thickens your turf. It also reduces potential for erosion, and reduces your risk of pests and disease. If you’re looking for a natural solution to use in concert with aeration, this is the spring lawn care service you need. 

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