Whereas many landscapes are blessed with the weather of a tropical climate and warm temperatures year-round, this is not the case in Pennsylvania. The winters in Pittsburgh can be brutal, with snow and freezing temperatures both abundant. This can have a significant impact on your landscape beyond the typically expected dormancy of your turf. Freezing temperatures and frost can harm plant material, and prevent healthy growth in the spring. However, these problems can all be avoided if you properly prepare your property for the winter. This process is referred to as “winterization”, and is of vital importance to the future health of your landscape. With just a few simple tips and services, you can prepare your property for the Pittsburgh Cold, and winterized this fall.

Fall Fertilization: Must for your Turf

Engaging in a comprehensive fertilization treatment for your turf will provide the nutrients that it cannot gather through natural means to store through the winter. This gives your turf the energy to push through dormancy, and stimulate healthy growth the following spring. Also improving your turf’s resistance to both weeds and pests, fertilizer is a general boost to your lawn. The goal of landscaping is to create a good-looking property, and your turf is a significant piece of that.

Increase Air Flow: Aerate Your Lawn

Another great way to prepare your turf for the incoming cold is to preemptively prevent soil compaction by getting your soil aerated. This will pull spikes of soil out of your turf, and increase airflow throughout your soil. Better airflow will allow oxygen to move more freely, as well as other various nutrients. At Dream Greener, we even offer a superior service to single aeration, that we call double aeration. This is simply a well-documented way to improve the effects of aeration, by going over your turf twice.

Take Care of Weeds in your LandscapePrepare landscape for cold

Although it can be a tedious task, weeding is a must before the cold of winter hits. Letting weeds fester in your landscape through the winter simply creates a breeding ground for new weed growth come spring. Weeds are also a great platform for pests and disease, utilizing the weed as a hub to spread through the turf. It is better to take care of the issue early and avoid the headache by using a weed control treatment from Dream Greener. Each of the aforementioned services will also contribute to the prevention of weeds, so using these services in unison is highly recommended.

Clean Up, Clear Debris

To give your lawn and landscape a fresh look during the winter, and a stable platform for growth come spring, just clean up your property. Remove debris, and create a compost pile if possible. Most organic material can be used as compost, which can possess nutritional benefits for your turf and soil. Fall clean-ups can be beneficial, both aesthetically and horticulturally. Excess leaves and debris can be very harmful to your turf, leaving unwanted substances, and festering weed growth. Complete your winterization with a fresh look, and clean landscape.

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