How to Care for a New Construction Lawn in Pittsburgh

It you have recently built a new home, you’re excited about settling into your new place as soon as possible. New construction means that you have made an investment in your home and property. It also means your property is going show the signs of construction equipment and materials, and many people will be moving throughout your yard. This compacts the soil and damages existing grass, and the damage will prevent a healthy new lawn from growing. You will need to hire a Pittsburgh lawn care and maintenance company to transform your property into a valued investment.

Lawn Installation Repair and Replacement

Your new construction lawn can be transformed by using high quality topsoil, the best blended seed mixes, or fresh-cut sod. Each has particular benefits.

For new construction lawns, after subsoil is placed, several inches of high-quality topsoil is added. Topsoil is important because it contains organic matter, making it nutrient-rich and allowing the roots to take the minerals they need for growth and disease resistance.

After the right topsoil is placed, using custom blended seeding will provide your new construction lawn with the best possible start. We use a careful mixture of grasses, since each species has strengths and weaknesses. Some grass may be particularly resistant to disease, while another may be more drought resistant, and an additional one does well in the shaded areas. If the seed is carefully chosen, the result will be a green, uniform lawn that can thrive through the all-season conditions in and around the Pittsburgh area.

Fresh-cut sod is commonly used by new home construction because it’s known as an “instant” lawn. Sod is an already-grown section of grass and soil that’s laid end-to-end until the entire yard is covered. Sod is more expensive, but it allows you to enjoy a perfect lawn immediately, instead of waiting for grass seed to grow, and it’s weed-free.

Lawn Maintenance for New Construction Homes in Pittsburgh

Some new-construction lawns may not be particularly damaged but could benefit from core aeration because of the effects of soil compaction. This process takes plugs of soil from the ground, allowing air, nutrients, and water to enter into the soils and feed your grass’s root system. With new construction lawns, we suggest that core aeration is performed twice a year to ensure that you’re starting with the best possible lawn.

Dream Greener works with many new construction Pittsburgh homeowners so that their grounds look as beautiful as their new home. We know that you want your new home investment to reflect on your entire property. Give us a call and allow us to transform your new yard – let us do the work while you enjoy the benefits.

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