Risks of DIY Lawn Aeration

We sometimes have homeowners ask us the best way to aerate this lawn in the spring and fall—should they use a professional, reliable lawn care service, or should the try to aerate themselves?

This is what we tell them: Aeration provides several important benefits that will keep your yard green, thick, and healthy. Having a Pittsburgh lawn care service perform this service:

  • Creates air in compact soil. When soil is compacted because of either its make up (clay soil, for instance) or because of foot and car traffic pushing the soil down, there is little room for the things that your grass needs to stay healthy. Air, nutrients, and water can’t easily seep into the soil to be delivered to the plant by the roots.
  • Reduces thatch. Thatch is dead grass that forms a layer on top of your soil. Thatch forms a barrier between the nutrients, water, and fertilizer that your grass needs to stay resilient during the summer and fall. It can also harbor disease and insects.

Most lawns require aeration in the spring and the fall to maintain the health of the grass plants. Some homeowners choose to try to aerate their lawn themselves. Without full knowledge of your grass, soil, and other factors, it will be hard to determine what is necessary to create a resilient lawn.

Aerating and Lawn Care in Pittsburgh

Here’s what you should consider:

  • Price. Most lawn care companies have specialized, commercial-grade equipment that does the job quickly, safely, and effectively. While homeowners can certainly rent a mechanical core aerator or step aerator, they can be difficult to operate and are often in poor condition from repeated use. They are large pieces of equipment, so you’ll need a truck or trailer to transport them to and from your yard. Then, you may have to put down grass seed and fertilizer to ensure that your grass remains healthy.
  • Time. Without the proper, commercial-grade equipment, aerating a lawn can be time-consuming. First, you must purchase or rent the right equipment, then buy the right materials for the lawn, perform the aeration, clean up, and return or store the equipment. Also – rain and heat can get in the way of your plans, which means that you may push this project off far too long to be effective.
  • Poor Results. A lawn that is properly aerated will help to make your lawn look healthy and green. When done by a professional and knowledgeable lawn care service, aeration keeps your lawn beautiful. Homeowners who attempt to aerate themselves usually have problems that they don’t know how to resolve. If you experience poor results, you’d probably either try another DIY lawn project to see if it helps, or you would call a lawn service company, which means that you have just paid twice.

Dream Greener’s Pittsburgh lawn care service will help you save money, headaches, and backaches. Our scheduled, reliable service will bring out the beauty of your yard. Call us today to learn about the benefits of aeration.

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