Three Components for Successful Lawn Fertilizing

Homeowners often believe that the secret to a beautiful, green lawn is fertilizer. Of course, there are many other components involved to produce a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood, but fertilizer plays a big part.

Since fertilizer is available at many stores, people often think that it’s a simple do-it-yourself project. That’s not true – there’s quite a bit that goes into properly caring for your lawn, let alone the knowledge that it takes to properly fertilize a yard.

Even in the Pittsburgh area, where everyone has the same climate, every single yard is different. The type of grass you have, the soil composition, and even the other plantings that are in your yard are part of what makes your turf unique.

A Custom Fertilization Program for Your Lawn

When an experienced Dream Greener technician visits a client to apply fertilizer, he’ll concentrate on three main areas:

  • The fertilizer ingredients. Fertilizer is made of certain ingredients that are based on the time of year, your yard’s grass type and plantings, and the deficiencies that may exist in your turf. Fertilizer contains nutrients that your grass needs, like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, and your grass absorbs the nutrients that are in the soil through the roots. If the right amount isn’t delivered to the roots, your grass could suffer from washed-out color, poor growth, and disease.
  • The composition of the ingredients. Although you may know what nutrients your lawn needs from a soil test, you won’t know the amounts of the nutrients that are needed in the fertilizer. The size of the yard is an important piece of the making your yard healthy and green, too. Custom-mixed fertilizer is what makes your unique lawn the best that it can look.
  • When to apply the fertilizer. In addition to knowing what kind of fertilizer is needed, and what ingredients will keep your lawn looking lush, you have to understand how fertilizer is scheduled for application. Different times of the year call for certain fertilizer treatments. Some of the timing will ensure that the grass is green, while other components mix with the soil to slowly deliver the correct blend of nutrients.

Dream Greener is your lawn care expert in the Pittsburgh area. We analyze your yard, see what’s needed, and then create the right blend of fertilizer every time it’s applied. Our reliable, scheduled service saves you backaches and headaches. We have friendly, knowledgeable technicians and provide the best nutrients, insect and weed control for your lawn. Contact us today to schedule your complementary grounds analysis. Call 412.835.1035 or visit us at 

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